AVBCW: Propoganda, Patches & Biographies

Whilst waiting for the fog to lift here in Blighty so I can photograph the Skaven and Witch Hunters I re-discovered last Saturday, a couple of updates on events from the 17th October.

The (false) Bishop of Ludlow (Clive)

A Somerset freedom Fighter’s Patch:

A present from Mort.

Lord Robert Grover (Rob)

Finally, more details of Alan’s Royalist leader:

Miles Straitt-Jackett :
Born 1879, only son of Lieutenant-Colonel Edward ‘Loopy’ Straitt-Jackett and the Hon. Felicia Straitt-Jackett (nee Warming-Knightley).
Educated at Mr. Thrashem’s Academy for Young Gentlemen.
Joined Army 1897. Served in Sudan, Gold Coast, Basutoland, Matabeleland.

Despite never hearing a shot fired in anger Major Straitt-Jackett served with distinction during World War 1, commanding 13th (Colonial) Field Kitchen Unit stationed in Bulawayo. He was present at the Tsetse Valley Incident when a crowd of rioting Native miners were subdued by volleys of plum duff hurled by his cooks, for which action he was awarded The Order of the Yellow Buffalo (2nd Class).
A good friend of the renowned Major Denis Bloodknock, Major Straitt-Jackett joined the B.U.F. in 1935, in the mistaken belief it was a book club.
Interests : Cricket, Lepidoptery, Taphophilia. He also has a large collection of cheese labels.

Obviously both blogs are simply propaganda efforts, especially the first one.

MH: 2015 10 31 More Mordheim – 3

So, on to our third game of the afternoon, a straight up skirmish, head to head.

BlackJack was clearly disgusted with events, and was ignoring me despite me having opened the cat-door for him.

Again changing table edges, we set up – the SXkaven mass in the middle.

Their sorcerer taking up a vantage point.

As did my “Marksman” ho ho…

The Witch Hunters moved forward.

Only for the Rat Ogre to pounce upon my Priest. Surprisingly, the Priest survived, and did a crticial hit causing two wounds to the Rat OGre, and it was my go next…

…and the “marksman” who was on the floor above did a diving charge and caused the third and final wound the Rat OGre, just as the rest of the Warband surged forward into the square.

Mass melee !

But the Skaven move in in greater numbers…

Both sides committed all their forces.

Mayhem !
But sadly…

Greater numbers paid off.

My Priest died, but I finally got a number of useful skill/stat increases.
Jim had chosen from my Skaven models so that he could use his own figures in the future, so scores will be settled.

We’re yet to have the discussion on whetehr Skaven are too powerful. I think his warband benefited from lots of cheap slings in the first two games, as I really only had two people with ranged weapons – the “marksman” and my Captain (pistol).

Cross-patch BlackJack: “So you had the stupid human round, and lost all three games ?”

MH: 2015 10 31 More Mordheim – 2

Having reminded ourselves of the Mordheim rules (mostly) a fortnight previously Byakhee Jim & I raced through to a second game. Jim was still of the opinion that Skaven are over powered, but I insisted we played the rules as written and discuss it later (yes, I was the Witch Hunters).

Neither side had lost any models, but there were a few injuires. We set up on a different set of sides to vary the game. This time we were fighting to retain Wyrdstone we had already found.

Jim’s luck with the dice continued, he had 3 shards of Wyrdstone, I had a measly one !

The Skaven massed behind a building (my flagellants just visible top left on the other side of the building). The sun was getting low and whilst bright was causing lots of extreme contrasts of light, so apologies for the quality of the photos.

Black Skaven pounced on my With Hunter Captain and killed his puppy.

Whilst the clanrats did for another puppy, and my “marksman” did SFA.

Two flagelants and the Priest moved forward, as the Rat Ogre lurked.

And yet more Skaven lurked, fortunately within charge range of me it turned out.

Not neccesarily for the best…again Jim’s luck with the dice continued, he rolled three 6’s one after the other, all on different dice.

So I’d lost the second game, BUT BlackJack turned up to sit on Jim’s car again. This was deliberate – he’d done the same thing a fortnight previously.

MH: 2015 10 31 More Mordheim – 1

Another short notice game session with Byakhee Jim. Again Mordheim
Cutting a long story short, some different models.

The table set up.
I still have several buildings to properly sprt out in terms of pain ting.

My Witch Hunters set up – yup said there were some new models ! 🙂

Skaven, including a Rat ogre. Byakhee Jim borrowed some modelds from me…see Isaid there were more new models….

Lots of Skaven…

Corbyn’s Witch Hunters advanced across the square, war dogs barking in the face of the massed Skaven ranks.

Who popped up, complete with slings and proceeded to chuck stones at me.

They had no qualms about killing the puppies. 😉

Flank attack, by three Flagellents !

The Captain, Priest and last puppy faced off against the Skaven.

The flank attack, got attacked by a cross Rat Ogre.

So three Flagellents later…

Jim had said in his opinion Skabven were too powerful. I demurred and played as per the rules. So one game in, I could be fooled by my own rubbish playing, and a lack of missile weapons of the Witch Hunters. Jim also managed to roll three 6’s in a row, so the dice were with him. Ho hum we shall see..