Frost Bitten

Byhakee JP has been bitten by the Frost Grave bug (there’s a lot of it around), and seeing as its very similar in concept to Mordheim, at his request I indulged in a gaming session.

he sent me a couple of e-mails and some attachements which meant SFA, but I did up a warband in preparation anyway as I was interested to see how a d20 based skirmish game would pan out – plus I have yet to play a games system that I actively loathe, and more often than not come away with some good ideas to modify my favourite games.

Holbon Toddlebrew and Apprentice !

Both painted in my years at Uni, and have never graced a gaming table some 20+ years later, so this was a good excuse to get them out of the very dusty box and field them.

Yes, I was intensely lazy, simply copying the name from the Citadel 3rd Compendium (image from the Stuff of Legends).

The Archers, Thugs and Warhound (Warhound posed by a Model har har as the one I had on Friday was unpainted !). Painted for Mordheim.

I took an Apothecary – it seemed like a good idea until I read the rules. And for the second game recruited a Treasure Hunter. Again painted (or part painted) at uni and never fielded.

Group photo !

As stated, with only partial info I slung this warband together and entered into the fray…

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