FG: 2015 11 27 The first game

So, with a fresh warband sort of constructed I popped round to JP Towers…along with some familiar scenery…

The first game we played was a straight up loot scenario. JP had done up some very nice Treasure Chest for the loot counters.

My warband moved forward.

By happenstance, I had chosen my Wizard (Hoblon Toddlebrew) tyo be a Sigilist, and in the Frost Grave rules this is oppossed by the daemon worshipping, puppy killing, baby eating Summoners – which is what JP had chosen his Wizard to be adept at.

The evil forces move towards me, and the treasure. In this first game I won initiative every single time. I also managed to fire off every single spell, whilst JP struggled to do anything.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t fully appreciated the issue that the Wizard is the be all and end all of the warband…So his single minder got zapped with an bone dart and then he ended up in combat with predictable consequences.

His apprentice, learning quickly, decided to encourage the remaining warband members to scarper with the treasure.

But not before the war hound had savaged the summoned Imp.

So a marginal victory for the forces of Evil.

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