Scenery: Babbling Brooks

For the AVBCW game was I “booked” to produce some river sections for the third table. For a couple of reasons, what I produced didn’t get used. But here they are anyway – very simple to make and I’ll be making more sections to cope with the different bridges and their genres.

Slice & Dice.
The usual artists mounting card, sliced with a cheap disposable knife and metal ruler.

Paint the back matt black emulsion, and see it warp !

And then paint the other side with my usual biscuit/soil colour emulsion, and watch it warp back again.

Watch an inappropriate film…

The two warps have cancelled out (occasionally with help, or is that a pelvic thrust ?), add the “banks”.

More paint. This time using tester pot from Dulux from B&Q as ‘m not wasting Foundry paint on this amount of terrain !

A ford section.

Add flock to cover up the banks.

I’ve done about 8 foots worth of straight river. Each section is a foot long.

The ford completed.

Section for a bridge.

Section with the bridge (not stuck down). The bridge is from Hovels.

I have another couple of bridge sections to do and want to do wider river sections, along with some bendy sections. All good generic scenery.

3 Responses to Scenery: Babbling Brooks

  1. velodoug says:

    Nice work Giles – inspires me to make some. One thing you’ve missed – shouldn’t there be BUF tank squatting on the bridge? All the bridges I’ve seen in the campaign had one…:-)

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