AVBCW: Another HMG for LDVs

B’day present, the good old Foundry Home Guard HMG (WW2015).

I teamed the two crew up with the third crew member from the LDV HMG crew from Footsore (previously Musketeer)

This is probably my fourth or fifth LDV HMG – why so many ?
As Roo commented:

Could anybody envisage the day when (JP and Giles aside) I would ever need 3 platoons in a single game? On a scale of one to highly unlikely it would be highly unlikely right…so why does my workbench have a third platoon of troops shaping up on it…especially when technically they would fight on the same side as my Royalists and Hereford Territorials…utter madness…

Well it’s because JP & I lend out entire platoons to people, especially newcomers who haven’t got their own forces to fight with. Plus it gives flexibility to our own forces and ensures each unit is unique.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…
Actually we didn’t warn you – we encouraged you – bravo that man!

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