AVBCW: Propoganda, Patches & Biographies

Whilst waiting for the fog to lift here in Blighty so I can photograph the Skaven and Witch Hunters I re-discovered last Saturday, a couple of updates on events from the 17th October.

The (false) Bishop of Ludlow (Clive)

A Somerset freedom Fighter’s Patch:

A present from Mort.

Lord Robert Grover (Rob)

Finally, more details of Alan’s Royalist leader:

Miles Straitt-Jackett :
Born 1879, only son of Lieutenant-Colonel Edward ‘Loopy’ Straitt-Jackett and the Hon. Felicia Straitt-Jackett (nee Warming-Knightley).
Educated at Mr. Thrashem’s Academy for Young Gentlemen.
Joined Army 1897. Served in Sudan, Gold Coast, Basutoland, Matabeleland.

Despite never hearing a shot fired in anger Major Straitt-Jackett served with distinction during World War 1, commanding 13th (Colonial) Field Kitchen Unit stationed in Bulawayo. He was present at the Tsetse Valley Incident when a crowd of rioting Native miners were subdued by volleys of plum duff hurled by his cooks, for which action he was awarded The Order of the Yellow Buffalo (2nd Class).
A good friend of the renowned Major Denis Bloodknock, Major Straitt-Jackett joined the B.U.F. in 1935, in the mistaken belief it was a book club.
Interests : Cricket, Lepidoptery, Taphophilia. He also has a large collection of cheese labels.

Obviously both blogs are simply propaganda efforts, especially the first one.

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