MH: 2015 10 31 More Mordheim – 1

Another short notice game session with Byakhee Jim. Again Mordheim
Cutting a long story short, some different models.

The table set up.
I still have several buildings to properly sprt out in terms of pain ting.

My Witch Hunters set up – yup said there were some new models ! 🙂

Skaven, including a Rat ogre. Byakhee Jim borrowed some modelds from me…see Isaid there were more new models….

Lots of Skaven…

Corbyn’s Witch Hunters advanced across the square, war dogs barking in the face of the massed Skaven ranks.

Who popped up, complete with slings and proceeded to chuck stones at me.

They had no qualms about killing the puppies. 😉

Flank attack, by three Flagellents !

The Captain, Priest and last puppy faced off against the Skaven.

The flank attack, got attacked by a cross Rat Ogre.

So three Flagellents later…

Jim had said in his opinion Skabven were too powerful. I demurred and played as per the rules. So one game in, I could be fooled by my own rubbish playing, and a lack of missile weapons of the Witch Hunters. Jim also managed to roll three 6’s in a row, so the dice were with him. Ho hum we shall see..

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