Mordheim: Hunters in the Dark 2

Whilst waiting for glue and paint to dry…more piccies of Satyrday’s first game…

My sprinters sprinted forward (sprint is a skill that allows you to triple movement rate), in order to try and mug the pirates would had nicked OUR treasure – one was called Bob, short for Kate.

And we almost got one of them !

Bob doing a runner…

Whilst the rest of the gangs beat each other up in melee.

At first we were losing an equal number of gang members, but eventually it swung in my favour when his Captain went out.

In the post game sequence, we both had two henchmen die, but then his Captain was sold to the [pits, and was slain by a pit fighter. So Jim has got the wyrdstone, but at a high price.

Gratuitous picture of a cat – BlackJack overseeing the game, as usual. He’d got bored of sitting on Jim’s car, and came in to see what stupid things his surrogate mother clumsy not proper cat was up to with the other stupid not proper cat. He made it quite clear what he wanted. First he looked at me, then he glared at Jim, then glared at Jim’s car. Translation: You make him, go away in his car !

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