Mordheim: Hunters in the Dark 1

So for a very short notice game with Byakhee Jim I set the table up:

All on one level this time:

For the first scenario, we had two shards ot Wyrdstone to claim.

One on top of the obelisk and another on the edge of the Coaching Inn.

Pretty close together.

One was closer to a table edge than the other, and naturally, Jim rolled a 6 for choosing the set up, and chose to grab them !

I deployed my Marienburgers and hoped having three characters with Sprint would see me get at le3aast one shard of Wyrdstone.

Though that plan went pear shaped because Jim won the “who goes first” roll with a second 6 (on a d6), so he surged forward and grabbed the shards before I’d even started !


BlackJack decided to forestall all Jim’s efforts by sitting on his car. Jim was on BlackJack’s territory, therefore BlackJack would sit on Jim’s car in retaliation. (Jim is allergic to cats) he sat there for a good hour.

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