AVBCW: Post Office Rocket

I finished this off last week but a combination of apathy and DVD-box-set-itis meant I didn’t publish it.

Very much an AVBCW unit to deploy. Lest you think it too outlandish – think again.

A long time ago I mentioned that the P.O. would have a unit on the Malverns to fire dispatches from the Royalists and MHC to Madresfield.

I didn’t build it like it is shown on the Footsore site, on the grounds it would be way to fragile, and it would look more like a V1 or V2 rocket with launchramp.

Uniforms loosely based on this postcard JP found and posted on the VBCF group. Personally I find it vaguely sinister.
Still at least it wasn’t more khaki !

I painted the steel helmet white (with silver) as an experiment, as I thought blue would be a bit boring and red OTT.

Rules wise I’ll to a “Counts As” a Heavy Mortar.

Now I am awaiting the delivery of the unit to guard these fine fellows.

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