I’ve churned out a fair number of BUF sections, but, much like the Brigands, have shied away from the more inDUHvidual HQ types for my BUF. AS both Byakhee Richard & I are playing BUF forces this has to be rectified by the 20th.

Here they are, they’ve been part painted and bounced around a figure case for a couple of years. Mostly Artizan, Copplestone and Great War miniatures.

This one is an Empress SCW figure I bought off of Mort, who had converted it with the usual Britsih steel helmet. The paint job is/was fine, but the base was too small and the overall scheme of things didn’t fit in with the rest of my figures. Plus there were a few chips to the paint. So I started with him as a quick and simple spruce up.

New base, and new flock etc. This is one key way an army or force hangs together as a coherent whole.

Add a few highlights, and make the helmet look metallic – simple method, mix black with some Boltgun metal so it just looks a bit shiney.


Looks better “in the metal”, honest guv !

One down, half a dozen to go…

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