AVBCW: The Wyvern Wanderers

At last – the Wyvern Wanderers, brigands and ne’er do wells the lot of them. I finished the last of them yesterday late afternoon, but the light/force was not with me, so here they photographed in their entirity today.

Lead by John Warner*, the brigands operate out of Druggers End and Castlemorton common south of Malvern and the Hereford beacon.

This was the source of the first game Byakhee JP and I ever played some 5 years ago.

Now all I need is to weather a few trucks for them to smuggle their goods on !
(Models of yesteryear here I come, though I think I have a couple ready)

It’s taken me most of June, July, August & September to paint 26 of these figures. Not an awesome rate of painting, but they are finally done, and now packed into a comfy foam tray. Every single one of them was a unique pose and paint job.

In the meantime I have also been tinkering with a few other bits and bobs, some seen already, and another couple coming over the next few days finbgers crossed. Maybe now I will reclaim the kitchen table. đŸ˜‰

* John Warner, father-in-law of Byakhee Gav A who unfortunately died at the August bank holiday unexpectedly.

2 Responses to AVBCW: The Wyvern Wanderers

  1. Argentbadger says:

    Why the change from Wessex to Wyvern?

    • That was a mistake on my behalf – they should have been the Wyvern Wanderers all along – Wyvern being “between the Wye and the Severn“.

      My brain cell got it muddled up as a long time ago I ran for the Wessex Orienteering Club.

      The three counties (H’ford, waster, G’ster) are very much on the edge of the old extent of Wessex.

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