Aminal Interlude

Well I should have been playing a WHFB game today, only Gavin A’s father in law came a cropper and was off to hospital.

So in the meantime, and whilst I finish off the Brigands, here’s some cute photos of Aminals:

Yes, GW battlegames mats (now long OOP) are also a good Cat blanky…

So I was sitting there in the kitchen flocking the bses of the brigands and I heard a kerfuffle on the gravel drive outside the window. I naturally assumed that it was one of the gruesome twosome with some unfounate rodent…

Not one but TWO Hedgehogs, not sure what they were up to, but I’ve never seen two together, and as they were about 6 foot from the house very unusual.

Cheeky horses are “mowing” the edge of my lawn.
Sadly they are also destroying the fence upper rail at the same time.

Next, more Brigands, they’re almost done (honest guv) !

And the WHFB game is re-scheduled for Monday.

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