AVBCW: Brigands 1

At long last I ahve managed to break the block (?) I have on the Brigands figures.

First up, The Boss.

Light not good but…Obviously inspired by the 1936 film: “Of Things to Come” by H.G.Wells which is also an excellent source of ideas for figures for this genre.

A good film (for its time) and plenty of ideas for dystopian futures.

The first five riflemen. A mixture of IRA and Brigands by Footsore Miniatures.

As you can see, though sculpted by Paul Hicks, using the same basic dollies, they are all different and clad in rag tag military and civilian attire, which is probably why I had painters block as they all had to be different. So instead of a plaette of 3-4 colours I had to extend to a palette of 6-8 colours instead. That sort of critical thinking helped break the painters block.

Took a hell of a lot of time though.

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