AVBCW: It’s Our County – Herefordian LDV

My new LDV which I have been working on recently:

Herefordshire had become used to the depredations of BUF Captain Arrowsmith, but was unprepared for assault that Sub-Lieutenant Nathan (a geography school teacher) would unleash on the county’s eastern regions. As well as the threat from the BUF commanders, the LDVs identified other dangers such as the Free State of Shropshire to the north, the militant Welsh Nationalists agitating in the Golden Valley area, and the criminal activity of Sir Gilbert Hill in the south-east with his Anglican allies a new alliance amongst the LDVs was formed to fend off these encroachments from elements outside the borders of the county.

The hitherto quieter LDVs decided that they needed to band together lest they be picked off by the growing threats from outside their borders. Fed up of the wider national political movements using the county as a football, they decided to eschew party politics, and concentrate on what was best for the county’s own population.

With the recent collapse of the Liberal Party, they have become the dominant force in many areas as ordinary folk mobilise in the towns, villages and country side. They are seen as the legitimate opposition to the Royalists and BUF garnering increasing support from the now defunct Liberals and many other factions that have failed to make headway against the interlopers.

Sadly to date there remain some independent groups who have not agreed to join IOC, and have caused major problems dividing anti-BUF forces in the community. The Twiggy Mommet movement have also failed to ally themselves…leaving open blue on blue action in H’fordshire…

Thanks to Pete Barfield for the latest set of flags (yes more to come).

All dramatic characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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