A “Little” Project

One of the other little projects I have on the go is helping replace the local shop and Post Office. Today saw a key milestone in that project which helps explain why I’ve been a bit busy of late.

We raised over £50k from local people (no grants), to purchase a new portacabin to be the home of the new P.O. and shop. It was delivered a day early, today.

We installed it on the village hall car park – we’ve had to knock down a wall, and will be lowering the kerb for access.

It arrived on the loader the wrong way round, with the windows facing towards the neighbouring house, not onto the car park, and we (the management committee) were a bit baffled as to how they were going to turn it 180 degrees – only two men.

They knew what they were doing.

Hovering, like any Dalek would like to, the portacabin was lowered down – all 40 foot long and 12 foot wide.
The “legs” were then added on to support slabs and the entire thing levelled out. A minor problem when we couldn’t get the door open because of the flexing of the thing was solved easily enough.

Empty low loader and crane being winched back in.

Great big empty portacabin, ready to take the shelves and racks we have acquired !

Cheeky Monkey looks in.

The low loader’s driver nonchalantly reverses out on to the main road – like any car would try and argue with that !

Only a month before we are open for business.

Sorry for the non wargaming digression, but those BYakhees who come play at the Big Games will now be able to pop outside of the hall and get their food and drink much easier. Due to some clever planning by our architect, we have only lost 2 parking space in the hall car park as well.

Now back to small projects. 😉

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