Special Guest Superstar DJ: Dead things

Byakhee Stu has come up with some more goodies…

Just to keep up with the hobby-fu going on back here I’ve attached some more photos for you which you may or may not want to use.

Duh ! Given my output, everyone else is putting me to shame so here they are:

There is a regiment of skeleton warriors using Mantic models for a change. That’s right I got Frantic with Mantic. Some of their stuff is okay IMHO and to combat the cost demands of WFB I was changing over to alternative manufacturers for rank and file and just using GW for character or specialist models. The unit pictured is from the End Times and is one of Neferata’s units rather unimaginatively called the ‘Un-named Legion’ – hence the plain shields and lack of any heraldry, they are like that in the book so I’m not being lazy :).

What I would say in Mantic’s favour is that they seem to be more robust. I say this because whilst taking these photos the rear rank fell off the movement tray onto our concrete path but none of them were damaged. If they had been GW skellies they would have been in peices.

The other two images are the plastic Wight King – which I’ve always loved and Krell. If anyone has read the End Times they will know that Nagash summonded Krell to babysit Neferata and give her some martial support. Neferata is a schemer but her wily seductive ways aren’t much use on a battlefield. Also Nagash did not trust Neferata one bit and with good reason, Neferata only ever looks after Neferata.

Next up will be some Mantic ‘Revenants’ which to my mind act as Grave Guard and be Krell’s Legion of Doom (I am sure they were a WWE tag team..)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

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