AVBCW: Weaselly Wretch Flag

At last, I’ve finished painting a figure ! And not just any figure. From Mutton Chop’s range of figures the Weaselly Wretch with standard. I was really stuck for what flag the brigands should have and was stuck, so I asked around at the VBCF forum. Panzer Kaput (Pete Barfield) obliged and knocked me up this flag – a weasel foot print one side and a W on the other. I think it stands out quite well, and I have deliberately highlighted the elbows and knees of the bearer so they look like a very well worn suit. More brigands are nearing completion. Also… I built and then greenstuffed a load of cavalry. Hopefully I’ll be picking up the amended standard bearer arms on Sunday from Byakhee Rich. I hope to make a generic unit of 10 Cavalry, and a couple of command units for different local LDVs, one of which will be the MHC, andf the other to be announced. 😉

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