WHFB: DS1 Dwarf Cannon

The scenery I collected w/e before last was of course from the “DS1 – Dwarf Cannon” boxed set Citadel produced back in 1983.

This was a boxed set of one cannon and Dwarf crew, looking a bit like this:

(Image from The Stuff of Legends)

The set came with the standard (for then) plastic vacc form tray that held the pieces, and more importantly this tray had a scenery piece that formed part of the kit. Byakhee Richard managed to get hold of one of these base sections and traded it with me for some stuff. As the plastic (now over 30 years old and never robust to start with) we then decided that we’d get one of his work colleagues to make a copy of it so that I could then have a robust gaming piece. I have several of the dwarf crew and cannon that continued in production long after the box set was retired.

So after a lot of filler and putty later, one failed casting attempt, a new master was made.

The cannon (or bombard) fits snuggly in to grooves on the scenery base – Groovy !

Breaking my creative blockage I set toi work and finally finished off painting the piece this week.

Given the age of the original and the shallow detail it hasn’t come out badly.

Of course having done one up, I now have plans for more variants.

Here’s my version of the crew and cannon painted up about 20 years ago !

Here’s the still available Human version of the cannon and crew, from Foundry who adopted the old Citadel Medieval/WOTRs lines.
I’ve ordered a set of these so I can have a nostalgia trip.

Now to paint up properly a dwarf creew for this piece ! I even have plans for them to be attached to another base with magnets so I can remove the bases entirely.

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