Warhammer is Dead, long live the Age of Sigmar

Well it looks like most of the rumours on the new version of “Warhammer” are true.

The core rules are FREE. Yes, the Evil Empire (GW), has dished out the core rules for free.
Here they are:
All FOUR pages of them.

All units are described by “Warscrolls” which prescribe the unit’s abilities, these replace the army rule books, and again are FREE:
The GW website has been changed so that Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, replaces Warhammer. Therefore I think this is the new version of the game, it is not a stand alone game, nor an introductory game.

The Rules

No Points Values.
No limits on what you plonk on the table.
This is not a skirmish war-game, it mentions up to 100 models per side for games.
New scenery rules.
No base size rules.
No base to base rules.
Three basic scenarios or set up options listed.
Victory and triumph rules introduced.

New set of turn phases:

  • Hero phase;
  • Charge phase, after the shooting phase !

Rolls to hit and to wound based on the unit fighting, and makes no reference to the defenders stats (more later).
Spells, cast on 2d6, opposed on a 2d6 by a wizard within 18″.

The rules are exceptionally streamlined and simplified. No mention of arcs of fire/facing. No mention of wheeling units during movement. It all seems to be a direct straight line 360 degree from any point of the unit, from any model (any point on the model – not the base).

Shooting has no modifiers, nor does combat to hit rolls. Cover provides a +1 on your save against shooting.

Psychology seems to have been jettisoned almost entirely (though I have spotted fear being mentioned but no rules for it).

Stat lines

Forget WS, BS, S, T etc…all this is gone. To hit is based on a single simple roll which is dictated by your Warscroll stat line.
The new stat line is:

  • Move
  • Save
  • Bravery
  • Wounds
  • Range
  • Attacks
  • To Hit
  • To Wound
  • Rend
  • Damage

Even if the title of the stat is the same, forget comparisons, for example, Malekith on a dragon (Seraphon) has 14 wounds….yes 14 wounds !!!

The stat lines show that a model hits on a 3+ roll…that’s it….it does not matter who you are fighting against unless a special rule is invoked.


Warscrolls are the replacement for the army rulebook units.

As far as I can see, and in the absence of PV, what you see is what you get. You are simply presented with a straight description. There are no weapons/armour/equipment/mount options. There seems to be no limit on what mix of units you deploy. This may however impact on Victory conditions.

Units are very simple, and named characters have unique items. This means there is no min/max options available.

Minor changes seem available depending on war host chosen.

They’ve really played around with what can be done – for example, the Dark Elf Reaper Bolt Thrower now can fire up to 12 shots !!!

There are also very silly rules – if for example if I deploy a medusa, and my opponent looks me in the eye I get a +1 to wound !

“The Mad Count: Marius Leitdorf is an exceptional swordsman, even if he is totally insane. If, during your hero phase, you pretend to ride an imaginary horse, you can re-roll failed hit rolls for the Averland Runefang until your next hero phase. If you actually talk to your imaginary horse you can re-roll failed wound rolls as well.”

“Braying Warcry: Red-hot rage festers in the savage minds of Wargors, their only desire to rend and destroy. You can add 1 to all hit rolls made for a Wargor if, before rolling the dice, you let loose a primal warcry. Your warcry must use no actual words, but angry grunts and raging snorts are encouraged.”


Still not on line, but the implication is that indeed the Old World is gone, and we have “Bubblehammer”. The “mortal realms” are mentioned and seem to be allied to the winds of magic, with a ninth one added – that of Sigmar. The Sigmarites are also introduced and are basically fantasy Space Marines.

The factions are also allied to two options – Chaos or Order. Dark Elves for example are allied to Order.

It will be interesting to see what the full rule book (96pages) have to say, and whether there is a bigger rule book on the way.

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