This week, I should have been painting these

Here’s the Brigands I mentioned, that I had intended on painting this week.

As you can see at various stages I have started painting them and then stopped, and then stored them badly resulting in some of the paint work being chipped. They’ve been stored in a rolled up newspaper for the last few months, so I am keen to finish them off, store them properly and get rid of another pile of half finished stuff !

the first unit, as Brigands they don’t have much in the way of proper weapons (yet). So these guys are armed with shotguns and pistols. A variety of minituares from Musketeer (now Footsore), and Mutton Chop (now part of Empress).

the command squad – The Boss – clearly modelled on The Boss in the film: “Things to come”. His standard bearer, political office (Mack the Knife), and an LMG. Also shown are two bombers to deal with any armoured vehicles they encounter. So far they haven’t got any armoured vehicles of their own.

The second squad, armed with rifles and even their own LMG.

So about 25 models in total. I enbvisgaed them as a small adjunct to normal forces driven by ned to hire them as mercenaries. In the background fluff, they’ll be based in Drugger’s End out at Castlemorton which is where JP and I set our first game several years ago.

Hopefully some updates as I weild small brushes. In the mean time big brushes are being wielded with two fence panels painted (both sides) and all the post caps done, plus tops and bottoms of other fence panels.

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