This week, I will be mostly painting fence panels

Rather annoyingly, I had hoped to be painting the Weasely Wretches and the assorted Brigands I have piled up for AVBCW.


fence 01

Yes I took delivery of 15 fence panels (6’x6′) today along with 15 post caps and one post. (Cat in the background for scale purposes)

fence 03

Fifteen years worth of sun, wind and rain in an esxposed situation has compeltely trashed one of my fence lines, so I am having it rebuilt for me by Rob my gardener on Saturday. Unfortunately, I have to paint it all green before then. So that’s 90 foots worth of fence, both sides, or rather 180 foots worth of fence panelling to paint. I started today. Small things like training courses for the Parish Council Chair also intrude into my deadline.

fence 02

Fourty minutes to paint each side, the wood is tannelised but still dry so slopping on the paint it simply soaks it up. Much like Citadel’s Finecast that has seemed to die a quick death. πŸ˜‰

fence 04

Not that the Cats are interested oh no.

Anyhow, in between getting all that lot painted an no I am not using a OOO brush, I’ll start on the Weasely Wrretches and other Brigands – too late tonight for a photo for this figures that have been half /base painted for some time.

It’s about time I did some more figure painting !

3 Responses to This week, I will be mostly painting fence panels

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    You probably wanted to spray that rather than brush paint it… πŸ˜‰

    • I’ve tried spraying paint on fences (I borrowed the ex-neighbours sprayer) – you’d need to do it every year as the paint thickness is sooooooo thin. And so on virgin wood, it’d be useless.

  2. Byakhee Rich says:

    Well, I have now Learned A Thing, thanks! And good luck….

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