AVBCW: The Battle of Bullock’s Mill Part Two

We made JP deploy his “defending” Welsh Nationalists first (hordes of them). We had written the scenario together, and as he was facing two other platoons, had decided to give him 1.5 platton’s worth of forces, which turned out to be massive ! 🙂

Including “Maude” an improvised steam power A/C.

Roo’s Rooyalists deployed. Roo also rolled for my troops’ experience levels, and let’s say, it waqsn’t far down to the bottom in terms of luck thereafter…

In what turned out to be a rinse and repeat cycle, the Welshn Pit Pony Cavalry advanced (and retreated), advanced and retreated, advanced and retreated…

My Irregulars advcanced into the copse, to be confronted by…

JP’s Veterans…OUCH…. My mortar shelled Maude sveral times before immobilising it/her.

With some help from the second squad I had, and the quad bike, that unfortunately died very quickly with a shot from JP’s BOYS rifle.

My third section advanced to the T junction, and in one lucky shot, JP wiped them out – all nine troopers !!! :-O

It wasn’t even lunch time and I’d lost over a third of my force.

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