AVBCW: The Battle of Bullock’s Mill Part Three

With two Welsh sections having forded the river, my central section deciuded to beat a hasty retreat, in case Maude machine gunned them again.

My section in the copse put up a gallant fight in a shoot out with the veterans, but it was a losing battle.

Roo landed a number of shells on the Welsh including the medic (nurses were a visual treat only), dforcing back an infantry unit.

And the cavalry, again…

My section was reduced to two, the NCO was dead, the mortar however…

…knocked out Maude, as a last gasp before they were mown down by the veterans as they emerged from the copse of trees. My command unit marched up to defend the flank and held them at bay with the two remaining infantrymen 9LMG with BAR) for the next three rounds.


The Rooyalists all but wiped out the yo-tyo unit of Welsh cavalry. In the meantime, his other two sections of infantry started to storm the Mill itself where JP had hidden a section of infantry.

Petty acts of revenge were also carried out against sticks.

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