AVBCW: The Battle of Bullock’s Mill Part Four

I was now reduced to the command squad, two troopers and a damaged section. Having expected to be out of the game after lunch it was now 3pm. I ralleid by one remaining section having been chased across a field by Welshmen. They turned and opened fire ! Roo, having seen off the cavalary distraction moved his section towards the centre of the table only to take a direct hit from the Welsh artillery and loose 4 troops in one shot. In the meantime, his other sections continued to fight over the mill house. They were locked in combat for four rounds – JP’s (other) veteran unit literally had their backs against the wall with no way out. His reinforcements on a random event card imbibed too much cheap ale (like Roo had the previous evening) and were unable to make a difference. Slowly Roo’s forces ground down the Welshmen. We caklled it a day just before 4pm, after some 5 hours of gaming. The “defenders’ had carried the fight to us very succesfully. I had held on, albeit with only 5 infatnry left plus command squad. I had held my flank and inflcited a lot of damage, knocking out “Maude”, holding up a unit if veterans and a unit of regulars with my all Irregular infantry.


Roo had eventually cleared the Mill House of the enemy, and had held the railway crossing against the Welsh Cavalry and infantry. So the stout Herefordians had beaten off the Welsh interlopers (barely)…this time..

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