Mordheim: Defend the find (again)

The second game we played of Mordheim on Saturday. Again we rolled for the scenario, and got the “Defend the Find” scenario.
Jim chose the central group of four buildings to defend.

And then promptly remarked, he’d made a mistake ‘cos he was armed mostly with pistols and only two black powder guns.

He set his forces up, and then I planned how I was going to rush him, by surrounding him on all sides.

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Including his new recruit, a young blood, known as “Kate”, which is short for “Bob”, as everyone sensible knows. (We had a conversation about he was introduced to “Kate” at university. We weren’t sure who was sadder, Jim for asking the question for what Kate was short for, or me for knowing it was Bob.)

Two of my scrofulous (and cheap) “marksmen” moved in to pick off the rather not well concealed Pirate.

And on the other side Claes von Geld my Captain lurked, in flouncy organe finery.

Whilst his la`ckeys moved in from a third side.

Jim decided attack was the best form of defence and mobbed the scrofulous marksmen rendering them useless, but taking up a lot of his force.

This allowed me to move in my Captain and CHampions and evict him from the buildings, and also giving “Kate” a good going over. Ahem.

Victory me again.

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