AVBCW: This Sceptered Isle – 5 (the final)

Here was the final denoument.

The veterans paused for breath as the Black Shorts advanced on the hapless remaining irregulars.

A Road Traffic Accident. One of JP’s sticky bombers failed his attempt to move into contact and blow up my armoured van, so having failed his green cross code, he need the Red Cross.

My veterans charged the Black Shorts, and were promptly charged by the Iron Hooves in the rear – much like a bacon roll, the filling easily breaks out.

The veterans saw off the Black Shorts, turned round and trounced the Iron Hooves.

I now controlled one farm, and was advancing up the road.

JP moved his remaining Cavalry into the central farm – which was disputed territory still. I still had a few troops in the stables, and he occupied the barn and farm house.

Game Over !

So at the end of the game, and as per the scenario rules, we rolled for where the crown jewels were. Turns out they were in the farm I’d occupied all game (and I didn’t even have to look down my pants to find the crown jewels as Lord Flasheart would have said). 😉

A good game:

  • Nice balanced lay out and ideas.
  • JP used his cavalry to tie down two of my sections and the Lanchester for most of the game.
  • I got lucky rolling the status of my units (Veteran, Regular, Irregular).
  • And then managed to redeploy them when JP looked like he was going to get away with it.
  • Both of us suffered bad dice rolls – JP more than I.

Another chapter in the opngoing battles in Hereford AVBCW.

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