AVBCW: This Sceptered Isle – 4

Being outflanked, I had to act quickly to stop the fascist rotters.

So Spades came to the rescue – one of my A N Other units…

Having shot up the BUF cavalry, they retreated to where they thought they might make a decisive breakthrough.

My armoured van rammed JP’s armoured van. In the background, my squad ran across the road and into my central area to provide support (the guys behind my green van).

Lady Luck deserts me.

At this point BlackJack, worked his EVIL EYE on the enemy.

A salvo of gunfire and the mortar sent the Black Skirts packing much to both of our surprise. JP blamed the dice, and he was using the ones Doung had sold him, and we all know Doug’s Dice are Dodgy…. 😉

JP’s second armoured van had ventured up the road, and now faced my Lanchester which had returned to the fray.

And got knocked out by HMG fire, with the crew bailing out.

My veteran infantry charged the Iron Pooves, and sent them packing, again a combination of bravado and poor dice rolling by JP.

JP’s armoured van crew deploy the Italian clutch (Reverse).

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