AVBCW: This Sceptered Isle – 3

Later than previously advertised, some more AVBCW pictures of our game.

Under BlackJack’s excellent supervision, I had deployed my troops, and now sprang into action as JP and I raced to get to the two farms on the flanks.

This was where JP’s two sections of cavalry came in handy moving far faster than my foot sloggers. He seized one farm.

Whilst I seized another, and had to leave the section there to fend off the marauding cavalry which was his (cxunning) plan.

On the road, my second section loitered unsure of where his cavalry would go. With a few lucky shots, my armoured van knocked out his, and was still in action against the other. The Lanchester meanwhile faffed around rolling poorly for movement, and eventually returned to the main road.

Meanwhile, both sides occupied either side of the central farm and engaged in a brisk and deadly firefight across the farmyard.

A well placed mortar round felled several of his troops but his leader survived.

My irregular infantry encountered a lot of Black Shorts and crumbled away.

With my flank crumbling, JP poured in the Iron Hooves in a flanking move, supported by men in skirts.

It didn’t look good for me, as he’d also shot up my brave gamekepers who’d rushed the central farm with their shot guns in an effort to get in close.

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