Mordheim: Spring Cleaning

Some more Mordheim buildings spring cleaned (ish)…these are from the main boxed set now OOP. I first built and based these more than 14 years ago.

I’d built the basics, based them and added some clay (or Das Pronto), sand, a few snips of balsa wood and an old Citadel plastic skelton horse for some features. Oh and the obligatory card flagstones.

Nothing wrong with it, but it just looked a bit sad and flat.

Another building, with the same basing and painting, though this was my second set, and I’d added the chimmney piece to this building.

So the spring clean involved the usual washes and highlighting I’ve been doing on other buildings.

This gives it a much better depth of colours.

The washes seem to have a weird opauqeness to them, but on this scale makes it much more like the watery puddles in the ruins I wanted to make. (You can see the white-ish patches)

One Response to Mordheim: Spring Cleaning

  1. Duke Roland says:

    So cool! I love the dead horse, and the summoning circle on the floor is a great touch. I need to put my terrain making hat on and get crackin’. Thanks for the inspiration!

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