How not to file things

Well I was hoping to:

  • have a games session;
  • finish off the Chinese Warlord Cavalry;
  • photograph the Bolshevik cavalry.

Unfortunately, having offered our ex-Parish Clerk an excursion to the County Court, I instead spent most of yesterday and all of today going through the paperwork he dumped in a bin:

Yes, two green recycling sacks in a recycling bin.

Cat’s tail and bottom for scale purposes only.

The contents of this bag and the other filled 3 lever arch files, and if that wasn’t enough I had to crreate an inventory of everything so that the temporary and new Parish Clerks know what they are getting.

As commented to my father, this level of filing should be achieved by vacation students aged 18+, and are indiciative that our former Clerk failed to satisfy the most basic requirements of his job for over a decade.

My time spent doing all this filing did at least aloow the glue and paint on some of the Bolshevik models to dry/set.

Rant over !

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