Special Guest Superstar DJ: More Tomb Kings

Byakhee Stuart has been busy with the End of Times stuff, and after much carping on costs splashed out on one of GW’s new models – Nefereta.

I particularly like the colouring on the bones – bones aren’t white ! One of my other mates is an archaeologist and regularly sends me macarbre pictures of bones he’s dug up.

The Tiomb Kingsa re an army I have little knowledge of, but seem quite interesting from what little fluff I have read of them -0 Stuart is keen on them though and that shows in his painting.

And here are some of his Tomb Warriors, and he is planning on merging is Vampire Counts and Tomb KJings armies in line with the End of Times schtick.

2 Responses to Special Guest Superstar DJ: More Tomb Kings

  1. Roo says:

    Lovely paint job…would Stuart be interested in some mor TombKIngs, chariots, cavalry, infantry a skull chicken and archers?

  2. Stu says:

    He would be very much so but he’s got a tonne of Mantic toys that he hasn’t even started yet and couldn’t really justify aquiring more at the moment….even though it’s tempting…very tempting to fill the ranks of more ‘famous’ Tomb Kings regiments I want to create. For example there will be Zandri marines – a sort of Nehekaran version of the Lothern Sea Guard, so armed with bows, spears and shields. I’ll have a unit of archers hiding behind tall shields like pavisses (the shields are extra large and taken from the galleys of Zandri fleet). Also want to do some lizardmen themed Rasetran infantry, some horse archers that look like Parthians and The Golden Host of Mahrak…..oh and my own Settra conversion. On top of that I’ve got Neferata’s Army of The Silver Pinnacle to do – comprising of Mantic Undead models, the zombies are great…

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