AVBCW: Blunt Scythes (Editted)

The second game Byakhee JP & I played on Thursday.

The board was changed a bit, so that there was a wide strip in the middle of the woods that wass “open” terrain. Neither of us wanted to have a repeat of the same game – JP was wanting to test out the brink of Battle combat rules.

Both of us marched 3 of our figures down the same flank and ended up in a shoot out. Un fortunately for me, his leader was a gross out superhuman (we checked the ruyles all legit but still a f*ing pain), having killed one of his troops for two of mine, my final riflemand beat a hasty retreat through the field of KILLER GIANT BUNNIES. Something that later turned out to be a very wise choice.

In the woods the two forces macrhed uop toward each other to see who would blink first.

At this point, the Twiggy Mommet troops from the flank used the handy style to try and outflank the MHC in the woods. Outnumbered, outflanked, and facing a superhuman I was not feeling like it was going well. But wait. I cut down one protestor and sent another fleeing !± Maybe there was hope after all.

Well up to a point, the protestors closed in, stealthily working through the bushes…

The last rifleman on the flank, through a series of VERY LUCKY roles downed JP’s leader with one shot !

The MHC and TwM lot mixed it up, with the MHC coming off the better, as they came in, the last of the protestors were picked off by other riflemen.

And to cap it all, in an amazing piece of serendipity and good luck for me, the hedge that JP had made, had had a chunk cut out of it at just the right place to allow my rifleman a line of asight to pick off the final flanking member of the protestors.

Both of us were now on bottle tests, and because I had knocked off so many of his horde, my chances were greater than his of forcing him to retreat, and the stats didn’t lie.

So one all each, the MHC and Twiggy Mommet Priotestors are building up a track history of emnity.

Sadly at that point I had to wussy off due to man-flu.

Until next time pumpkin head !


JP explained that under the brink of Battle rules half his points had to be spent on his elader as he was leading a Horde. So this explained the insane Comabt, and other attriobutes this guy had, and why he literally laughed at the hail of bullets I( had fired at him in the forst game, and the first half of the second game.

Having realised I was only able to deck this guy with some very lucky rolls of the dice, I spent all the rest of the second game shooting his much weaker followers, hecne the high number of casualties that resultewd in JP’s Twiggy Mommet protestors breaking. It was only a VERY lucky set of dice rolls from my lone rifleman that finally nailed his leader.

Photos by JP
His version of events is on hios blog roll.

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