777 th post

Yes, this is the 777th post on this blog, I celebrated the 111 (hundred and eleventy), and I knew the number 777 had biblical/occult meaning so thought I’d use it as another marker in the progress (?) of this blog.

Christian religions consider 7 to be a Holy Number because in Genesis the first book of the Bible it says that God rested on the 7th day and man was created on the 6th day, therefore 777 is thought to be the antithesis of 666. Because God rested on the 7th day, that is the reason for the observance of the Hebrew Sabbath on the last day of the week. The 7th day of the week is indicated on the Hebrew Lunar calendar containing 13 months of four weeks each. According to the American publication, the Orthodox Study Bible, 777 represents the threefold perfection of the Trinity.

So there you go.

Sadly, I have to knock this post on the head with another Cat picture !

yes, BlackJack has turned up after a fight with the giner tom-cat Timmy, rather worse for wear. As well as the sliced ear, he’s bleeing in an other copuple of places. No serious injuries, though his general demeanour indicates his pride has taken a tumble. I will wait until tomorrow before deciding whether its a trip to the vets…

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