Cat !

There you go, that should boost the ratings – any mention of cats is bound to get loads of hits because the internet was invented for pictures of cute cats.

So I finally got round to painting this Reaper cat – from the wizard’s familiar pack. I was given this by Byakhee Rich after he funded a kickstarter campaign. JP got the weasel for his weasely wretches.

Of a a medium soft plastic I painted this up as my cat BlackJack, complete with eyes lit by the fire of hell itself (I call him Satan’s Emmisary on Earth).

Updates have been few of late due to a combination of factors:

  • I was manically painting up lots of Bolshevik and Chinese Cavalry for my BoB game on Saturday
  • …which all ground to a halt on Thursday due to Man-flu…
  • …followed by a bereavement in the family.

Now I am back to health and almost firing on all cylinders. So I have some photos of BoB stuff, another Special Guest Super Star DJ posting, and a couple of AVBCW games AAR to come.

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