AVBCW: More Mayhem in the Malverns

The Scythes were out – Byakhee JP & I had a couple of Brink of Battle games before I cried off due to Man-Flu.

For the first time, JP had enough scenery to cover the field of battle. He had some help from one of his daughters, who introduced the awesome field of killer giant bunnies.

Silliness aside, the scenario of the first game was that the local Twiggy Mommet protestors had half hinted a load of armaments, and that I (the MHC) would be retrieving the stolen goods.

As you can see the Twiggy Mommet chaps are not keen followers of fashion, but they do have lots of them, armed with lots of scythes and far, far to many rifles.

The boxes of weapons were hidden in the Wyche Woods, legended to be haunted. This meant that lines of sight were down to 4 inches, and movement wasn’t much better.

The MHC shot at, and got a response, after finding the few(!) Twiggy Mommet fighters with rifles.

Even my flanking unit managed to find the flipping Twiggy Mommets with rifles and got shot down.

That was quite a quick game, even though we were playing with c500 points under the Brink of Battle rules.

JP had chosen a horde of troops, and the short ranges imposed by the forest outweighed my troops’ higher skill and better weaponry.

We moved on to the next battle…

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