AVBCW: But have they paid taxes ?

Seeing as hedge Funds are in the news and their potential tax avoidance schemes, it is timely that I finished off some hedges of my own:

Yes, another nine foots worth of hedging, with three stiles to break up the scenery. based on artists mounting card, usual flock base, the stiles are laser cut MDF, and the hedges themselves are left over Woodland Scenics clump foliage.

It seems for our AVBCW Big Games JP & I can never have enough hedges !

When I took the box of them up to the garage to be sprayed with varnish, I found a lone GW section of fencing that had got stuck underneath them.

The one that almost got away…
I am of half a mind to put some of these very short sections of fencing onto longer strips of card to make them more useable.

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