Mordheim: Renovated Ruins err ?

Another game, and the damage and or incomplete paint/modelling of bits of scenery shamed me into renovating another piece of scenery.

GYes, I’d managed to assemble this double building using raw plastic parts, black undercoated parts, and added debris that was wither unpainted or base coated only.

A right mess ! And a roof section had come off.

I carved of some of the flock at the front of the building.
Then I added lots of paving slabs, cut up pieces of thin card fresh from the pizza box – waste not want not.

Once stuck down these were given brown and green washes and then all the stone work was highlighted with grey.

Looks much better IMHO. And this is one of the original Mordheim card buildings.

Even the skeleton got painted.

I added some paving inside the building – with hindsight the base should have had these added before gluing the building on…

And the details even had some gilt corbels/tassel/bragger. 😉

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