AVBCW: BUF Quadricycle of Death – with red go faster stripes

I bought a second Quadricycle of Death to paint up for my BUF, or as it is increasingly Captain Arrowsmith’s BUF contingent.

In a totally altruistic move Byakhee Rich has built these two beauties. The first one had been underfcoated before being photo’d, so the amount of work put unto building them wasn’t apparent.

As you can see, each of the four wheels had a new brass axle drilled through the body of the machine, followed by greenstuffing to make it all sealed in. So you can drive the model up and down going “brrrmmm, brrmmm” if that’s your sort of sad stuff…brrrmmm, brrrmmm… oops….

So I painted it up in standard BUF colour – BLACK.

But I thought that wasn’t enough, so after the usual BLACK colour scheme I’d add a Go Faster Red Stripe. 😎

I think it actually works quite well, emphasising the red background of the BUF markings (transfers).

Should help Captain Arrowsmith at the Big Game on 14th March JP & I are planning.
That and other mobility enhanced devices…. 😉

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