Mordheim: The best laid plans of Men and Marienburgers (Updated)

Having planned to do a new post on Monday evening of the Mordheim games we’d played on Saturday, the feline Criminal Mastermind known as BlackJack decided to sit on my lap for the first time – a real p[roper “I’m sitting on your lap”…after 3 years he has never done this before often sitting beside me or partially on my lap. So I didn’t turf him off and do this posting.

Anyhow, here is the table on Saturday:

I made sure to use the newly restored terrain, which simply pointed out all the faults woith the other stuff !

The first scenario was “Defend the find”, and Byakhee Anthony sensibly chose the best and most easily defended of the three buildings in the centre of the board – the raised townhouse/market hall. And plonked 7 stunties in there armed with pistols, and a couple were troll slayers.

My gaudily clad Marienburgers circled for position whilst the archers sniped at the Dwarves with little success apart from a critical on the first turn. Then they tried rushing the stunties.

So the Youngblood fought his way up the stairs, kicked off the Beardling but then came a cropper with a troll slayer in the doorway. The champions attempted a co-ordinated climb into the building which also failed. In the end I botled it !

Next game: Breakthrough !

I’d hired a Warlock (Agyar Mistletaine – the original figure I’d painted at Uni some 20+ years ago and NEVER fielded). My Marienburgers had to get two figures off of the other side of the table, and Anthony’s Blackbeard Pirates had to stop them.

At least the Marienburgers stand out amongst the otherwise drab ruins ! 🙂

Agyar, a champion and a swordsman charged into try and win the “staircase building”, but came off rather badly.

Out in the street, my leader Claes Von Geld, lead a rush to the other side but were slowed down by the stunties who counter charged.

Two others managed to get within striking distance of the other side of the board, but Agyar did a runner, and I failed the bottle test as a result which even Anthony agreed was an unlucky dice roll.

So two losses…two to go…

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