Mordheim: Sometimes the plans do come right !

Third scenario on Saturday was: Surprise Attack…and I was the victim.

I had to spread out the few warband members I had 8 inches apart, and only 2/3rds of them even turned up. One ended up in the “crow’s nest”…funny he was an archer…

The first thing to do was gather my forces together, so there was a lot of running and sprinting. My leader finally turned uop with a couple of others and rescued Agyar the Warlock, who with his two spells managed to always roll “Luck of Shemtek”, but apart from twice never the more useful “Fires of U’Zhul” with which I didn’t cause a single wound.

Anthony conceeded defeat when my warband was on high ground and intact apart from one failed initiative roll resulted in a henchman going out.

Fourth and final scenario: Wyrdstone Hunt.

Anthony rolled a 2 on the d3 so we had three pieces of Wyrdstone to fight over. Randsom tossing of the tokens followed and choosing of sides indicated we’d probably get a piece each, and the fight would be over the final third wyrdstone.

I’d got two warband members with the Sprint skill, so obviously they were up for nabbing the wyrdstone, with the others to support them and shield their retreat off the board with the loot.

First turn and I’d secured two wyrdstone shards, now I needed to get them off the board, in the centre of the board, the stunties had moved forward so there was an opportunity to have a bit of a scrap and see if I could also bring down Anthony’s beardling who’d gopt the third wyrdstone.

As it was, I didn’t manage to stop the dwarf getting off the board, and following casualties, Anthony’s Black Beard’s bottled voluntarily.

So 2 games each over the day.

Now, I chose two buildings that needed some TLC to repair. Also as a way of breaking up the khaki hordes of Bolshevik cavalry, and their Chinese Warlord enemies that I’ll be painting over the next couple of weeks.

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