Taxes, Funding and Books

Been a bit quiet the last fortnight here. I’ve been a bit busy !

The latest Order Of the Stick book arrived, which took a day to read through, some nice new additions making it a hefty volume.

That was a pleasant change from setting our Council Tax Precept (in the absence of our chairman), filing my own tax return, and securing funding for our local community shop project – all bone dry subjects.

I have however, been doing some more scenery (more of which to follow), and starting the project to paint some 80 Bolshevik and Chinese Cavalry, plus a BUF version of the Quadricycle of Death. Oh, and a Mordheim session yesterday which will aslo be up shortly.

One Response to Taxes, Funding and Books

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    I spent a week reading my copy. Not as much new material as previous volumes, but it is enormous and contains some of the best plot moments yet.

    OOTS may be a funny comic poking fun at the genre and games which spawned it, but it is also becoming a milestone work of fantasy literature.

    (Please don’t tell Peter Jackson.)

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