BoB: Fences & Hedges

For my Back of Beyond games, I need a few more feet (!) of hedges and fences. From contemporary photos varioys fencing styles were used throughout Russia, and the simple wattle fences seemed common enough. So I bought last year a load of the Renedra fencing.

The individual sections are about five inches long, so a couple of them maker a useful length of fencing (a subject I will come back to WRT another manufacturer’s product), or approximately a foot. Now carving up the thick artists’ mounting card or greyboard using only a foot long steel rule as a guide for the kinife resulted in wibbly wobbly base sections.

So, having WRITTEN A SHOPPING LIST early in the new year of various materials I needed, I ended up in an arts/hobby shop, and found this – a steel ruler for cutting things that was/is just over a metre long. £23 but worth it.

Needing to do tens of feet/several metres worth of fencing and hedges for both BoB and AVBCW this is ideal for churning out standard width scenery pieces.

With a THICK layer of paper underneath I carved up metre sections of card only an inch wide easily with disposable knioves from B&Q.

Withe the fencing being bulked out with some Woodland Sceneics clump foliage I did some 13 foots worth of fencing/hedging for BoB in only a few days.

Nopt exciting stuff, but very much needed for the next Big Game scheduled on the 21st February !

2 Responses to BoB: Fences & Hedges

  1. Burkhard says:

    Looking good and I like them.

    Will finally have to tackle in this year. So far I am undecided what to mount them on. Have not used paper boards in a long while since the can warp, HDF is too thick for these kind of pieces. So I am leaning towards plasticard, but that might change now!

    • The board is card, about 1-2 mm thick, so thick enough to be robust but not too thick to cut easily. It is still prone to warping when you paint it, which is why I paint the undersides with plan black emulsion paint, and then paint the other wide with my earth colour so the warping of the card pretty much evens out and seals in the card.

      Sometimes the card can warp when I put the PVA & flock on, but it is still thin enough to bend back into a proper flat base, and I often simply leave them overnight squashed under a few good hardback books to flatten them (obviously after the glue has dried).


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