BoB: Mark V Hermaphrodite tank

Finally, something I started painting ages ago has been cleared off the long painting list:

A Brigade Games model assembled by Byakhee Richa and myself some time ago.

One sponsoon was armed with a 6-pounder and Hotchkiss, the other side with two Hotchkiss’.

As with the Male and Female Masrk V painted earlier, I’ve painted it a drab Khaki. Some sources suggest they might have been painted a chocolate brown, others a Navy Grey. A few sources suggest a three part camop pattern may have been used of drak brown, light brown and blue/grey in a manner similar to the German camo patterns of 1918. YMMV !

I’ve painted the white/red/white which seems the most common marking on the “horns”, again, there are suggestions that the tanks received by the Whites in the AFSR during the RCW were marked in this way, with a few changed to the White/Red/Blue national colours. Given the paucity of info and their rarity, I stuck with the red/white/red to maximise use across all fronts for WW12/RCW and even AVBCW games.

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