Procrastination, Services to Muppetry, and more industrial scale scenery and figure painting

Well I entered the New Year with high hopes of updating the blog with Xmashammer, and all the wonderful projects I was finishing off plus a battle report from the eschedulede WHFB game on the 10th January.

Instead, here is a “Selfie” I took after the game on the 10th, because I realised 3/4s of the way through the battle I had failed to field my Carnosaur which had a material outcome on the battle. This, and procrastinating about editting the photos from Xmashammer and the game on the 10th has led to a lack of updates.

But during this time I have been busy with some actual model making – so much so that I finished off another PVA tub before it had time to develop a skin as it dried out.

And empty the box of static grass I was given at Xmas, the one I bought on Sunday, and half of the one I had stashed away before Xmas. All of this went towards…

Finishing off the hills from Kallistra for the AVBCW game, I now have about 16 hills so that should be enough for the two tables I intend to decorate with my scenery.

Not content with that JP & I are well on the way for planning the next two Big Games in February and March. This neccesitated an order from Foundry of LOTS of Cavalry bases, two bumper packs to be precise. I had to spend time confirming with Foundry that the bases were still available. their web site is not to put too fine a point on it crap.

They were immediately used to base another unit of Bolsheviks I had to fill out with a small order from Copplestone as I was inexplicably short by 4.

Hopefully this will break my block on editting the 100+ photos from Xmashammer, and the 20+ from the 10th and should have more material up tomorrow.

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