WHFB: Garden of More Morr !

The rest of the Garden of Morr set, bar one last item:

The main gate. The red roses were a last minute quick fix, Foundry Scarlett washed with the latest crimson GW wash. (I have given up trying to remember their new names!)

The wrought iron gates have a skull motif in them…

the fences – front and back. You get two identical sections in the set. This is the only point where I have seen mould marks – see the back of the pillars for the small round indentations.

The walls, not sure on building regs WRT skullz, as they aren’t the sturdiest of materials, but it reminds people that the whole place is a ossiary.

The side gate.

i’d started painting these up before Xmas, in preparation for Xmashammer 2015 – Sigmar’s Blood, which Byakhee Jim wanted to play out over the two days. For various reasons that didn’t come about, but as they were half done, I decided to continue and finish off the pieces of this set. Days of bad lighting have prevented me from photoing it, and now barely an hour later the light has again turned for the worse. Very frustrating.

More (!) fittingly, here’s the Sisters of Mercy….

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