BoB: Cabin

On the painting table for some time was this new cabin from Grand Manner who have come out with a small but excellent range of Russian/Eastern European buildings.

Pricey, but their quality is very good, they’re also more true to 28mm scale than some other manufacturers.

Paints up nicely though, and done well before my planned BoB Big Game on the 21st February. Currently 11 of us attending, if you want to pop along, its based in Hereford (UK), add a comment to this message and I’ll pick it up and PM you.

Whilst uploading the pictures of the cabin, the postie arrived, with a pile of hills for me to paint up, for the other planned event – March 14th AVBCW, agsain in Hereford. More of which to come later as JP & I write scenarios up. Roo is already on the case for more scenery to wend between these hills. 😉

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