2015 Prospective

So here are my plans for world domination and at the very least annexation of Poland:

  • Paint the Red Cavalry – 10 down (awaiting photographing), 30 or so to go;
  • Chinese Cavalry, also for the BoB Big Game in late February, up to 40 of them time permitting;
  • scenery, mostly fencing for the same game;
  • artillery for Reds, Whites and Chinese…maybe for some British Indian as well…;
  • finally, do the AVBCW cavalry…15 or so for the MHC LDV, and about the same again for the BUF, this time for the March Big Game;
  • Dark Elf CoK;
  • Dark Elf CoB/Bloodwrack shrine;
  • roads for BoB and AVBCW, so lots of roofing felt sprayed and painted;
  • more hills and hedges for AVBCW;
  • Oldhammer Dwarves properly put together.

That’ll be my lot, as I am trying to avoid too many new projects. I’ll probably cram in a few more pieces of scenery for all of the above games, and I haven’t even mentioned my Laserburn project !

Oh, and listening to some more ambient and hard rock soundscapes whilst doing that and getting a new job.
I also need to continue to clear out excess amounts of the lead mountain.

Should be a good year.

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