2014 Retrospective

So, as seems to be de-rigeur in wargaming blogs, what did I achieve in 2014 ?

Year Total 787

Scenery 384

15mm 21

AVBCW  114

BoB 124

Warhammer 138

Marginally down on previous years, but I have a lot of half completed projects on the go. there are more pieces of the Garden of Morr almost ready, more White Cossacks, the first Red Cavalry, and so on. So i expect the Q1 of 2015 to have a lot of project completions. I feel sure I have actually painted up more figures than are listed in my spreadsheet. I am also not counting the various projects I have coerced Byahkhee Rich into pinning for me – ther Copplestone Ragged White Russians with great War Miniatures heads for instance.

So I have fallen into the old trap – too many projects on the go at once. Plus, as I have alluded to, my role as the Deputy Chair of our Council has been fraught, which has taken up a lot of time. Firing our clerk was a relief on one hand, but then an ongoing minefield of issues on the other – and we haven’t got a replacement yet – hopefully interviewing this month (January) with a view to an appointment in the next few weeks. And even then, legal action is likely.

Oh and I almost forgot the builders, and their efforts in wrecking the kitchen/utility/WC…

On top of this, organising the Big Games took up a lot of time. I’ve done an extensive write up of all the logisitics you need to do for one of the Big Games, and they are quite labour intensive. Very good fun, and JP & I have put on 3 of them this year, plus of course Xmashammer this last week. Indeed I have already started the planning of the BoB Big Game in late February, and I’m sure JP will be in contact shortly for the AVBCW Big Game in March as these are only 6-9 weeks away respectively.

On the plus side, I’ve learnt how to do lots of roads sections for free almost, and extended by use of sampler pots of emulsion paint for the scenery that I use at all these Big Games. This has generated a heck of a lot of new scenery, my double garage is rapidly being filled up and after each Big Game I invariably have to sort out all the boxes of scenery as they are never packed away properly (thanks guys for trying). To give readers some idea of the volume of scenery I am now deploying in these Big Games – its two car loads at least of scenery, let alone figures. And my car is a large Audi estate, so not a delicate small car by any means.

I have also learnt to pace myself with gaming sessions every two weeks or more, something I’m building in to my calendar for 2015. I’ve even still got an entire gaming session to post up, lus the two days of Xmashammer.

In terms of purchases I have bought less than 100 figures in 2014 but lots more scenery. Most of my expenditure has been on scenery and the raher more important but mundane foam storage trays for all the newly constructed kits. Most of these kits take up a miniscule amount of space when in their blisters, boxes or bags, but once assembled take up huge amounts of space. I have one project on the go that is going to take at least half an entire (double) GW case on its own !

Still good progress in reducing the lead mountain.

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