WHFB: Border Patrol and a lot of Oldhammer – 500 Points

In preparation for Xmashammer, Byakhee Roo who has not had much recent Warhammer experience asked the flock for some small games to bring him up to date with WHFB v8. I was able to oblige, and wanted to field my Oldhammer Dwarves. Roo also was fielding Oldhammer Dogs of War (DOW).

Aside from a gratuitous posting of a cat, whilst waiting for Roo to turn up after work, I managed to paint the sides of my GW Battleboard which is something that has been bugging me for the last couple of years – yet took less than 5 minutes to do.

So we started off with a 500 points battle. The Portal of Kittens caused disruption but made no overall difference.

My Slayers got nowhere…slowly, being blown apart by the Organ Gun lite, and musketeers.

The Dwarf Clansman, lost the combat against the heavy cavalry and had to make a Leadership test…of course I rolled two 6s, ran away and so Roo pursued and wiped them up.

But not off of the board…

Having defeated my Dwarf Clansman under One Eyed Sally, Roo’s cavalry returned and looked likely to make Shambles’ X-Bows part of the sandwich…I threw the towel in…round one to Roo. The dice were against me as Roo admitted.

Digital De-Tox, Did I Gate away with it ?

No updates for a week !

A combination of bad weather meaning lighting has inhibited photography, ennui, and a 48 hour Digital De-Tox session.

AVBCW Double Gate

In between all that I have been busy painting, but thought that 10 painted gates was not exactly thrilling. So I remembered the Country Code and left it as I found it…shut…

One of the projects that I had intended on posting on Tuesday, was a bunch of AVBCW Home Guard on bicycles, but it turned out some of the flock I needed for their bases had gone AWOL, so it was only on Friday that I popped into town to replenish supplies that I managed to finish them off.

This was on one of my Digital De-Tox days, and I got distracted in Waterstones and bought the latest book by Phil Rickman a local author who writes murder/supernatural mysteries in my neck of the (deepest darkest) woods.

Magus of Hay

So that took up most of Friday reading it, another excellent story, that also illuminated a few more seedy aspects of local history including fascist sympathisers that will probably be pop in some of the Big Games JP & I will run, talking of which the next AVBCW one is in March and for which we’re going to start to prepare…

As for the Digital De-Tix…no internet, no TV, no e-mail for 48 hours try it. To think that about 15 years ago we didn’t really have proper internet/e-mail access is now unbelievable, and I was wandering around the house thinking “what do I do ?”. Especially when it came to finding paints and bases for the figures I was working on, thinking I needed to mail order some more…

Hopefully bicycles to follow, and then two AARs of “Border P`atrol” games of WHFB Byakhee Roo and I played on Monday. Since we’ll be playing again tomorrow evening its best I publish last week’s efforts first. 😉

WHFB: Organ(ic) Gun Lessons

So after another defeat at the hands of Dwarves and their wretched Organ Guns what did I learn ?

  • The waves of small fast cavalry units did work.
  • Except when I got unlucky in that first round, it could happen to anyone, so more careful overlapping of the meat shield is required.
  • I may have gone OTT, and could have dispensed with one unit of 5 Dark Riders.
  • Splitting the CoK into two units does work – maybe two units of 8 next time to help reduce the PV investged in what are obvious targets.
  • Morathai – yes I did take her in the army list – was a waste of time. Too expensive for this size game (3k), and so she didn’t get stuck in to the action. She also had the wrong spells, and as a result ehr magic weapons and magic attributes never came in to play.~350 wasted points.
  • In addition I should not have taken a level 3 and level 2 sorceress, along with the 2 units of Warlocks – Magic Overload against a non magical opponent.
  • Instead, I should have ploughed more PV into a second large block of troops, maybe Black Guard.

So all in all, I need to get weaving on finishing off painting those Dark Riders, get some more CoK painted and some Black Guard.

Now its time for some non WHFB projects to get finished and pictured.

WHFB: But not dealing with blocks of troops !

So I had managed to engage the Dwarves, and in particular the organ guns even though they’d done for 8 of my 18 CoK in the first turn.

So, having stocked up with Morathai, a level 3 High Sorceress, and a level 2 Sorceress, I zapped the DWarves with hex spells, whilst boosting my own troops.

The Organ Gun crew were wiped out, and so I side swiped the Iron Breakers, aka The Tarpit.
Not so good, never mind.

General BlackJack overseeing my progress.

The Drago-Copter on the refused flank, finished off the two Dark Riders, leaving my flank a bit exposed to this pesky unit.

The centre of the field, seemingly going well for me, but that was a prelude before the two large blocks of Dwarves closed in on my centre which was depleted. The CoK were in combat with the Iron Breakers, but failed to break them, the Warlocks had fled.

A bit like this !

The Silver Talons got a flank charge, and the Warlocks were crushed.

Resulting in my centre collapsing. I threw the towel in, as I could not see how I would break one or more of the Dwarven blocks of infantry. As it was my CoK bogged down in the Iron Breaker Tar Pit had received a flank charge.

So what did I learn ?

WHFB: Taking out Organ Guns

A short notice game of Warhammer with Byakhee Anthony last w/e. Not helped by a double booking having to drop off Xmas presents with my Aunt & Uncle who were up visiting my parents.

So against Dwarves, I knew Organ Guns would feature, and so had popped over to druchhi.net for some ideas…

My line up, after inspection by General BlackJack, included a lot of small fast cavalry units to deal with the Organ Guns.

The Vanguard move: lots of fast cavalry = a large move forward !

Note the traitor General receiving bribes from Anthony ! 😀

The Dwarven line – he refused one flank. However, he had 3 pesky Drago-Copters as we call them, nasty little beardy things.

Shades popped up as well to again try and shoot down Drago-Copters and or Organ Guns.

But the Dwarves also came with 3 large blocks of troops, as well as an X-Bow unit.

Dwarves won first move and the Drago-Copter on the refused flank, flamed some Dark Riders who held their ground.

And then they charged the Drago-Copter !

However, the X-bows did for all but one of a unit of Warlocks that were shielding the lareger of my two CoK units, allowing the Organ Gun to hit (18 times) and destroy 8 out of the 11 CoK in the first turn. My army as a whole moved forward as fast as they could.


Having lost one unit of 5 Warlocks, it was good to see the 9damaged) unit of 10 Warlocks got into combat with the Organ Gun crew.

And the Shades charged the Drago-Copter that had failed to significantly damage them with its flame cannon.

So far so good ?

Mordheim: Buildings 2 (& Cats)

Another one retrieved from the box of buildings.

Again from the Blood on the Streets pack. This time more likely a coaching inn.

I’d had to repair the uppermost storey of the building.

Again, I had built it rather hastily, but had at least started to sort out the base. And then added some more roof sections.

So as per the previous building washes and highlights were the order of the day.

A rare picture of the gruesome twosome, with BlackJack perched on the gatepost.

Hard asleep…